With this Exquisite Corpse Program User LieSense you are authorized to re-assemble, copy, distribute and freely transform all elements of the particular Chimerean Bit in addition to various other ECP ventures listed below:

1. THe Chimerean Tapestry Project - 2007(DISSEMINANTES Phase 1) - 2007(HACKERBERGEN Phase 2)

2. Virtureal Space - 2007(Virtual-Real Entities)

3. Rotterdamage Project - 2007(Hacking DEAF the Festival)

4. The System of Desire - 2007(Philosophical Programming)

Engaging with any of the fore-mentioned works makes you, the 'instigator/initiator', responsible for its past, present and future, therefore kudos must be given to the originators. It is your responsibility to ensure a copy of this user LieSense is included with the Chimaerian Bit when passing on for re-initialization. The Bit's history is imperative to desire retention.

Future presentations, mutations and re-appropriations must retain their 'collective-chronological-signification', remember to update the LieSense before you pass it on.

The ORIGINATORS of the Project:


  • The ECP User LieSense has been created in order to

  • Ensure longevity of the 'artifact' & 'concept'
  • Encourage creative collaboration, re-appropriation, experimentation and evolution of both object & program.
  • Knowledge and creativity are resources which, to be true to themselves, must retain free, i.e. remain a fundamental search which is not directly related to a concrete application. Creating means discovering the unknown, means inventing a reality without any heed to realism. Thus, the object(ive) of art is not equivalent to the finished and defined art object. This is the basic aim of this Free Art License: to promote artistic practice freed from the rules of the market economy. (Quote taken from copyLeft_attitude website:


    ORIGINATOR - The originator is the concept and protoriginal artefact creator. The originator inputs = Desire. (Traditionally authors attempt at all cost toretain the rights of the protoriginal artefact, how it is used and the conditions of its modifications.) While we do provide some methodology on how the artefacts can be re-initialized, this is by no means the only way in which it can be done. For example: In the LieSense with your Chimaerian Bit we encourage the sonic alteration of your artefact (sample/re-sample repetedly, upload results to ECP website). You are invited to alter the Bit as per our suggestion but also by whichever means you choose. Please note that future re-initializations do not hold the originators liable in any way other than the protoriginal's lineage. See the disclaimer.

    INITIATOR/RE-INITIATOR - This individual is responsible for starting a fresh program loopwithin the System of Desire program. They start and finish with desire retention. Starting by receiving the Bit - input desire - and finaly by giving the Bit away - output new artefact, desire retention by subsequent program initiator -.

    PROTORIGINAL ARTEFACT - In this instance the Protoriginals Artefact is the Chimaerian Bit. Protoriginals are created by program originators.The original can be seen on the ECP website, its collective-chronological-signification is also outlined there.

    ARTEFACT - Subsequentversions and copies of the protoriginal.

    CONCEPT/SYSTEM OF DESIRE - The System of Desire is a concept designed by the Chimaerian Bit's originators. it is eternally incomplete 'open-source' system where initiators and re-initiators are constantly modifying an artefact or its protorginal in order to continue the spread of desire retention. Artefacts can only continue looping in a system of desire if they are freely given away once modified.

    RE-INITIALIZATION (PROGRAM CYCLE) - Any new modifications on the Protoriginal that was duly completed is considered a new loop in the program cycle ONLY if the artefact is subsequently - 1. listed on the ECP website and 2. given away to the next initiator. The originators ask those participating in the cycle to keep updating the ECP site. Completely new versions of the System of Desire are equally welcome. Should these arise, please forward documentation to ECP site, and the originators will addthe new program version and protoriginals to a program alteration page. (The new originators would retain the rights to their new program and protoriginals . Kudos will be given on all documentation)

    INSTIGATION - A new version of the ECP with all new protoriginals.

    COLLECTIVE-CHRONOLOGICAL-SIGNIFICATION - The historical lineage of the Protoriginal Artefact is imperative for the proliferation of the System of Desire. With this LieSense one must use it as a tool to track past present and future modifications by logging them on the Kudos list as wellas the ECP site. ECP originators will ensure that all modifications, locations and re-initializations are duly noted on the ECP website.

    PHASE 1/PHASE 2 - The two instances in which all protoriginal Chimaerian Bits were dispersed in the world. The first and secondary initializations of the ECP took place in Nantes, France, Bergen, Norway. Then London, England and Calagary, Canada.

    KUDOS - give Credit where credit is due. Baaaaam!


    I. AIMS

    The aim of the LieSense is to define the conditions according to which you can use this ECP artefact (The Chimaerian Bit) as well as any of the following programs:

    1. THe Chimerean Tapestry Project:

    DISSEMINANTES - Phase 1 2007

    HACKERBERGEN - Phase 2 2007

    2. Virtureal Space 2007

    3. Rotterdamage Project - Hacking DEAF the Festival 2007

    4. The System of Desire 2007


    This artefact and its subsequent related programs are subject to copyleft, right, and the author , by this liesense, requires that you are obliged to copy, modify and distribute the artefact and/or re-initialized programs.


    by accepting this protoriginal Artefact (The Chimaerian Bit) you share in a collective responsibility to prolong and proliferate its existence. This can be done in two steps. Step 1 re-initiate, modify or re-appropriate your Chimaerian Bit and document it in both the liesense kudos list as well as by sending proof of modification to the ECP originators. (sound file, photograph of physical alteration, story of what was modified ect.) By ending and re-initializing Step 2 Give the modified artefact away to another ECP user for future modification. Thus completing your cycle and re-initializing the program.


    The history of the object has made it what it is today, what is before you, ECP originators require that all program initiators/re-initiators log modifications in the KUDOS log of this user liesense as well as on the ECP website (send an email from the website). Leave name , country and email address.


    You have the right to copy this artefact for the re-distribution and subsequent re-initializations to your friends or to any other person, by employing whatever technique you choose.


    You must freely re-distribute free copies of thia artefact, modified or not, whatever their medium, wherever you wish. Observe only the following conditions:

  • Attach this liesense, in its entirety to the copies or indicate precisely where the liesense can be found.
  • Specify to the recipient or re-initiator the name of the originators & uphold the collective-chronolgical-signification.
  • Specify to the recipient where she/he will be able to access the Protorginal Artefact documentation. the originators of the protoriginal may, if they wish, give you the right to broadcast.diatribute the original under the same conditions as the copies.

    You are expected to modify the copies & protoriginal artefacts including program/concept, at the very least partially or otherwise, respecting the conditions set out in article II -2. & II -3. The originators of the protoriginal insist upon the modification of the protoriginals and artefacts under the same conditions as all program re-initiated artefacts.


    All the elements of this artefact must remain free, which is why you are not allowed to intergrate the originals (originals and subsequents) into another work, which would not be subject to this liesense.


    The object of this liesense is not to deny your originator's rights on your contribution. By choosing to contribute to the evolution of this work of art, you only agree to give to others the same rights with reguard to your contribution as those, which were granted to you by this liesense. Its all about KUDOS. So Hot right now!


    This liesense takes effect as of your acceptance of its provisions. The fact of copying, distributing, or of modifying the artefact constitues a tacit agreement. This liesense will remain in force for as long as the copyright, which is attached to the artefact. This liesense must be passed on to the subsequent program initiator with the artefact. If you do not respect the terms of this liesense, you automatically lose the rights that it confers. If the legal status to which you are subject makes it impossible for you to respect the terms of this liesense, you may not make use of the rights, which it confers.


    This liesense may undergo periodic modifications to incorporate improvements by its authors (instigators/originators of the ECP Project) by way of new, numbered versions. You will have the choice of accepting provisions contained in the version under which the copy was communicated to you, or alternatively, to use the provisions of one of the subsequent versions.


    Sub-liesenses are not authorized by the present liesense. Any person who wishes to make use of the rights that it confers will be directly bound to the author of the original work.


    This liesense is subject to Jerningham Court Law England.


    How to use the ECP User Liesense?

    To benefit from the ECP User Liesense, it is enough to specify the following on your KUDOS log:

  • - Name, Country, Email address
  • It is enough to specify the following in an email sent on the upload section of the ECP website:

  • - name, Country (locaction), email address
  • - Modification made, Date
  • Attachment of modification. (jpg's,mp3's, .doc's etc)
  • Additional comments descibing the modification. If it is sound, what it is a sound of, if it is a photo, what you have physically changed on the Chimaerian Bit etc...
  • If you start a completely new instigation of the ECP complete with an entirely new set of protorginals please KUDOS the program designers in the new instigation as passive concept originators.

    Copyleft, right? ...This work of art is free. Go forth, redistribute it and/or modify it according to the ECP User terms.

    You can find similar types of liesenses at:

    Historically this Liesense was created during an ECP convention at Jerningham Court Estate on the 16th of November 2007.