Frere-Pickett: a brief history

Frere-Pickett began collaborating at Goldsmiths with "Putting It Out There" an experimental project in tactical media, hacking and desire. This included the dissemination of unique artefacts containing a personality and presence in both the virtual (online) and real world spaces. Freely given to potential hackers these objects play with the user's desire to maintain or re-appropriate the object and further its development or demise as an "open source" artefact. Frere-Pickett then created the "Exquisite Corpse Program ECP" as a way to produce stochastic story telling using similar methods devised through the previous project, which further investigated user's interactivity in physical an cyberspace. This lead to the challenge of placing these ideas and concepts within a gallery setting. "If I can't have you, no one can" offers the audience the opportunity to purchase art works, loosely based on a theme of cultural hacking, or to purchase their destruction if the cost is beyond the individual's budget. Our aim with this installation was to create a link in the mind of the audience between the sexuality of consumerism and desiring the unobtainable.

Sunshine Frere is a Canadian artist living and working in London. She has recently completed an MA in Interactive Media -Goldsmiths (2007) and has previously exhibited in London, Paris, and Montreal. Her artistic practice is cross-disciplinary encompassing sound, video, painting, drawing, sculpture and various other forms of new media. Her current sound work addresses atmospheric intensities and decay. Similarly her visual practice explores absorption and obliteration through the recovery of ideas, objects and interactions. She has successfully completed major collaborative projects with several different arts organisations such as AREA10 Media Lab (2008), Camberwell Arts Festival (2006), Illuminate Productions (2005), and Art Matters Festival, (2003, 2004, 2005). Her most recent project was an Experimental Cinema/Performance Launch in collaboration with Tenderpixel Gallery and Rushes Soho Shorts Festival.

Jenny Pickett is a mixed-media Artist and Co-Director of A10:medialab, Peckham which she launched with () RE | BOOT; as part of the Node London spring season 2008. Dealing with temporal states of flux with regard to perception and experience, her current work addresses audience and performer interactions using automated machinic relationships that model interchangeable/variable feedback systems. Pickett is actively involved in collaborative projects, which she sees as an important approach to further common research from both her own field and practice, as well as with those from outside - of cross disciplinary nature. Including an ongoing creative-polymer research with Dr Saad Ibrahim of Chameleon Biosurfaces at the University of East Anglia and in The Scie Protocol - performance based feedback systems with artist and musician Julien Ottavi.

Successful collaborative projects by the Frere/Pickett duo include;

PUTTING IT OUT THERE (DEAF Festival -Rotterdam 2007, DORKBOT London 2007, Destination Area 10 London 2007, World Wide Web 2007/2008)

EXQUISITE CORPSE PROGRAM (PIKSEL Festival -Bergen 2007, ECOS Festival -France 2007, World Wide Web 2007/2008)

HACK JOB (as part of () RE | Boot; London 2008).

If I can't have you, no one can... (solo show @ Tenderpixel Gallery and 101010 group show @ Tenderpixel Gallery - London 2008,

The Exquisite Corpse Program's concepts and artefacts, including all projects currently presented @, have been instigated and realised by the Frere - Pickett creative collaboration.